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Avoid the queue by booking an appointment at a convenient time for your consultation.

We accept walk-in patients too. However patients on appointments will be prioritised at their appointment timing.

You will need a valid email address to book your appointment online.
Alternatively you may WhatsApp us at 9663 4383 to fix your appointment.

For aesthetic services and consultation, do WhatsApp us at 9663 4383 to fix your appointment. 
We appreciate your assistance by coming on time for your appointments.

We strive to attend to you within 15 mins of your scheduled appointment time.

Family Medicine (Click for more details)

  • General GP Consultation (From $28 )

  • Government funded ART/ PCR swabs if present with any flu symptoms ( PHPC SASH)

  • Health Screening (In-house packages & government-subsidised Screen for Life)

  • Chronic Disease Management and Blood Tests

  • Statutory Medical Examinations including Domestic Helper 6 monthly examination, LTA Driving license

  • Children and Adult Vaccinations

  • Child Developmental Screening 

  • COVID-19 Swabs and Serology including pre-departure testing (ART / PCR / Remote ART)

  • Tele-Consultation and House call performed by doctors *

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Nomination – Whatsapp  9663 4383 for appointment

  • AIC Severe Disability Assessment (In-clinic/ Housecall)*

           *By appointment only.  Please whatsapp 9663 4383 to fix appointment

Aesthetics Services (Click for first trial prices)

  • Botulinum injection ( Wrinkle reduction for forehead, crowfeet, glabellar, masseter)

  • Filler injection (Undereye, midcheek, chin)

  • Profhilo, Rejuran, Skinbooster injection (Hydration, lifting, pigmentation reduction)

  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (Face lifting, tightening and firming)

  • Pigmentation reduction (topical creams, oral supplements, chemical peels, non ablative lasers)

  • Acne treatment (creams, oral antibiotics, oral isotretinoin, Medi-facial, chemical peels, non ablative lasers)

  • Eczema treatment

  • Hair loss treatment

  • Nails dystrophy treatment

  • Weight management

  • Laser Toning (Cleansing, collagen stimulation, pigmentation reduction)

Medispa Services 

  • Medi-facial (Deep cleansing, hydration, lifting, brightening)

  • Extraction (Decongestion)

  • Brightening, clarifying peels (Brightening and exfoliating)

  • Aqua Soft Mask (Anti-oxidant, hydration)

Clinic Services

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