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Family Medicine Services for all ages (including infants) 

  • General GP Consultation (Pioneer/ Merdeka/ CHAS Blue/ CHAS Orange/ Corporate Insurance/ Baby Bonus accepted)

  • PHPC clinic (Govt paid ART/ PCR for patients with flu like symptoms. ( All patients) 

  • SASH Clinic (Government subsidised COVID-19 ART and PCR Swabs for patients with flu-like symptoms)

  • Chronic Disease Management and Blood Tests (Pioneer/ Merdeka/ CHAS BLUE/ ORANGE/ GREEN and Medisave accepted for eligible chronic conditions eg High Blood Pressure and High cholestrol)

  • Government subsidised Screen for Life ( $0/2/5 if eligible)

  • The Bidadari Clinic Health Screening Package (Not able to use CHAS/ Medisave)

  • Statutory Medical Examinations (eg Domestic Helper 6 monthly examination, PR/ Work Permit applications, LTA Driving license, Crane Operator license)                                                    

  • Childhood Immunisation Schedule ( Fully government subsidised for Singaporean Children)

  • Adult Immunisations (Govt Subsidies and Medisave usage available for eligible vaccines)

  • Child Developmental Screening (Fully government subsidised at scheduled developmental milestones)

  • Pre-departure testing available (ART $30 / PCR $75/ Remote ART $20)

  • COVID-19 Serology available at $65

  • Update of overseas COVID/ Children vaccination on National Immunisation Re ( from $45)

  • Lasting Power of Attorney Nomination ($80 net, whatsapp clinic at 9663 4383 for  appointment)

  • AIC Severe Disability Assessment ($100 net for in clinic assessment, $250 net for home based assessment, whatsapp clinic at 9663 4383 for appointment) 

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The Bidadari Clinic Health Screening Packages


Government Subsidised Screen for Life (If eligible)

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